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Providing for the “common defense” is one of the primary purposes of our nation’s Constitution. Accordingly, the elements that we must protect and preserve involve matters related to both our national and personal defense. To this end, we align with and promote laws and doctrine that ultimate lead to continued freedom.

Arizona moves to protect its citizens’ Second Amendment rights against federal overreach on gun control

    Even before President Joe Biden announced new executive orders on gun control on Thursday, Arizona had preemptively passed a law preventing the enforcement of federal gun restrictions deemed unconstitutional.   Quick Facts   Biden announced on Thursday that he is enacting new gun control measures using executive orders. The President is also expected...

2 days ago

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Court strikes down bump stock ban, rebukes executive overreach

    On Thursday, a panel of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that a ban on bump stocks as implemented by the Trump administration is unconstitutional and putting the executive branch on notice about the limits of their role in the legal process.   Quick Facts   In 2018, the Trump administration...

2 weeks ago

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House Democrats take aim at Second Amendment, passing the first two of many expected gun control bills

    Last week, House Democrats passed two gun control bills that would make it harder for Americans to purchase a firearm, and then almost immediately after the vote, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., introduced another bill banning the sale of all “assault weapons.”   Quick Facts   H.R. 8 mandates a background check for all...

3 weeks ago

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VIDEO: Congresswoman Lauren Boebert says, ‘I will carry my firearm in D.C. and in Congress.’

  Newly elected Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., is already triggering political opponents on Capitol Hill with her support for the Second Amendment. Hailing from the appropriately named town of Rifle, Colo., Boebert has stated she will carry a firearm in the Capitol building, prompting Democrats to attempt to ban legislators from doing so. Boebert, however,...

3 months ago

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Biden’s gun control proposals trigger 2nd Amendment supporters

  There is disagreement among Democrats and potentially within Joe Biden’s planned administration on what executive action he can take regarding guns. While some claim Biden could use an executive order to institute gun measures, Biden recently warned that he would exercise caution on executive orders.   Bullet Points   The Biden campaign’s national policy...

4 months ago

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U.S. director of national security says China is the “biggest threat to democracy since World War II”

  Director of National Security John Ratcliffe has been speaking out lately to help the American public understand that China is now the greatest threat to the United States and it is becoming bolder and more aggressive in its actions. Ratcliffe says that China, “intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet...

4 months ago

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The “Squad” meets the “Freedom Force” as newly elected Republicans ban together

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D–N.Y., and the “squad” are a clear manifestation of the House’s far-left demographic. But a group of newly elected Republican representatives has formed to oppose the self-identified socialists.   Meet the “freedom force.”   Spanish-American Congresswoman-elect Nicole Malliotakis, R–N.Y., who is currently the only female Republican rep. from New York...

4 months ago

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Arlington National Cemetery cancels wreath-donnnig due to COVID, then America’s dissent was heard by the Pentagon

  COVID-19-instilled fear reared its ugly head onto America’s most hallowed ground on Monday. But on Tuesday, America’s voice was heard and the Pentagon reversed the decision by Arlington National Cemetery to cancel the annual Christmas wreath placements on the honored gravestones.   “I have directed Arlington National Cemetery to safely host Wreaths Across America....

5 months ago

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Raising up Modern Bonhoeffers

John Wesley Reid is the editor-in-chief at the Falkirk Center. Follow him on Twitter at @johnwesleyreid.   Fascism doesn’t happen overnight, and we’d be foolish to ignore the indicators that history has so graciously given us.   Indeed, fascism has never happened overnight — not with the Holocaust, Stalinism, nor the Mussolini-era dictatorship. Indicators leading...

5 months ago

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China is destroying churches in hopes of converting Christians to communism

The Chinese government is attempting to separate religious citizens from their faith and instill devotion to the CCP.   Quick Facts: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been forcing churches to close. The CCP then buys the church buildings and converts them for other purposes such as “cultural centers.” Christians currently outnumber communists in China....

5 months ago

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