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Corporations’ bullying and hypocritical response to Georgia voting law is doing real harm to Georgia citizens and America

    After Georgia passed a new voting law, liberal politicians spread disinformation about what was included in the new legislation, leading corporations to denounce the law — and their ignorance, virtual signaling, and economic warfare is hurting Georgia’s citizens and undermining America’s foundational principles of governance.   Quick Facts   Georgia’s new voting law...

4 days ago

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Clarence Thomas says the Supreme Court will soon have “no choice” but to take a look at Big Tech’s power over free speech

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas put Big Tech in his crosshairs on Monday, writing a 12-page opinion on the power of these monopolistic companies that now have the power to control and censor the constitutional right of free speech.   Quick Facts   The Supreme Court dismissed a case brought by Twitter users...

5 days ago

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Majority of Americans say cancel culture is a threat to freedom and has made them afraid to share their political opinions

    In a harrowing poll, most Americans say cancel culture is a threat to their freedom and they fear that sharing their political opinions online will get them banned or fired from their jobs.   Quick Facts   64 percent of respondents in a recent poll said that a growing cancel culture is a...

1 week ago

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