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The LGBTQ Group Who Might Not Be So Proud This Pride Month


“In all of our efforts to speak out against the depravity that abounds in our nation, as we rightfully accuse the activists of targeting our children and indoctrinating society, let us not forget those who have fallen victim to the lies, deceit, and wickedness of transgender ideology…. They need our prayers, our support, our concern, and, above all, the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Reagan Escudé Scott

We’ve all seen the horrifyingly grotesque images of Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Your Kids to Pride, and Christina Aguilera donned in a green, bedazzled strap-on at Los Angeles’s pride event. We’ve seen the ubiquitous rainbow-striped flags, the inappropriate advertisements, and the shameless flaunting of sexuality at every turn. The media makes sure you all hear the roar of the alphabet cabal loud and clear, but what they don’t share with you is the exploitation, corruption, and damage their LGBTQ establishment inflicts on struggling young people.

Thousands of people struggling with gender dysphoria and other health issues find themselves entranced by the coercive transgender ideology peddled and pushed by activists and medical professionals. They become convinced that the only way to be secure in themselves and find a sense of belonging is through gender transition. It is often until it’s too late that they discover that they have become collateral damage for a vicious industry that seeks to make a profit.

“Experts” say that these “detransitioners,” or people who regret their decision to become transgender and stop treatment altogether, decide to detransition because they are discriminated against. This study tells a different story.

Just 10 percent of people decide to detransition because of discrimination. The rest of them do so because of health concerns, realizing their gender dysphoria was related to other issues, and unhappiness due to physical and social changes.

“Experts” say detransition is rare, yet there are over 34,000 members on this detransition site.

Despite what the media might tell you, there is a suffering group of people being exploited for political gain, and their stories need to be heard. Here are a few.


A 22-year-old lesbian who suffered from sexual trauma and fell captive to transgender ideology online, Rachel describes starting testosterone just three months after she heard about transgender identity for the first time. While, at the time, Rachel could not be approved for hormones until she had lived in the role of her desired sex for six months, her therapist reassured her that she could lie about that in order to receive treatments more quickly.

After starting hormone treatments, Rachel describes a decline in her mental health, sudden physical changes she did not expect right away like changes in her voice, facial hair growth, and a change in her body shape. As the treatments progressed over time, now 25-year-old Rachel experienced jaundice, began urinating blood, as she was suffering from three “mini strokes,” kidney infections, and liver failure. Her doctor encouraged her to drink more water.

It was then that Rachel decided to stop the hormone treatments.

“I became angry. Angry that I had been told that I needed to fix my body in order to be happy and treated right, not told that I was deserving of human kindness and that my body was my own to lay the boundaries for. I decided to detransition altogether. The feeling of being out of control of my body didn’t just go away, with either my trans identity or with my initial detransition. I had to wrangle that horse on my own, and I’m still working with it.”



A 36-year-old woman who started testosterone injections at age 18 and followed up with a double mastectomy at age 20, Laura had been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and began struggling with gender dysphoria at age 16. She soon discovered online message boards discussing transsexuality, and she decided that this is what she wanted.

Laura went on to receive hormone treatments from a clinic that specifically catered to “trans youth,” where she described being surrounded by activist clinicians. Due to the testosterone, Laura developed vaginal and uterine atrophy, which led to her suffering from pelvic organ prolapse that she will deal with for the rest of her life.

Despite feeling conflicted about having chest surgery, Laura felt obligated to follow through with it since her parents paid for it. The trans community had convinced her that this financial assistance made her privileged, and she could not back out. While mourning the loss of her breasts, she was told that a second revisional surgery was necessary to fix scarring, asymmetry, and pus where her nipples were affixed.

“I had been made to understand that it was unacceptable for trans people who had been harmed by botched surgeries or the side effects of hormone treatments to express regret or talk openly about their experiences, because this threw the emerging transgender medical industry into disrepute, and would result in other trans people being denied these supposedly ‘lifesaving treatments.’”

– Laura

After her second “top” surgery, Laura was left with what she described as a concave chest, permanently poor posture, nerve pain, and recurring episodes of numbness and paralysis in her arm.

“In a state of desperation, I consulted a third surgeon, who suggested silicone ‘pec implants.’ It became glaringly obvious that medical transition did not have the power to transform me into a male and could only destroy me. I had once loudly advocated for “trans rights,” and against “gatekeeping” and the requirement to wait until turning 18 to begin medical transition. Now, at 23 years of age, I found myself mutilated and voiceless. I was ‘collateral damage.’ I contemplated suicide. It seemed that my only option was to disappear.”

– Laura

After this, Laura stopped taking testosterone and became addicted, first to painkillers, then to heroin. After finally getting clean, she moved to Austria to escape the transgender ideology that had suddenly become less fringe and more mainstream in the U.S. People had encouraged her to join transgender support groups and identify as nonbinary, but Laura wanted none of it. In 2015, she discovered the transgender establishment had exported itself from the US and been adopted by Austria and other countries all over the world.

Laura moved on to speak out against the transgender ideology that had cause so much harm to her, but her YouTube videos have since been removed, and her Twitter account has been suspended.


A 35-year-old man calling himself @TullipR graphically explained his experience with hormone treatments and gender transition surgeries on a recent Twitter thread. He cites having no sense of feeling in his genital region and a mangled “neo-vagina” subject to internal hair growth, and he struggles to empty his bladder only to end up soaked in urine every time. He explains that he tore a suture four days after surgery and was scorned by medical staff after asking them to fix it. He laments having no sex drive, even ten years after surgery, not being asked whether he wanted to freeze sperm if he one day wanted children, and a painful procedure called dilation that requires him to impale himself in the genital region. He writes,

“This isn’t even the half of it. And this isn’t regret either, this is grief and anger.”

Although Twitter has removed some of his story, the rest can be found here.

Kiera Bell

A tomboy from London who described herself as “a girl insecure in my body who had experienced parental abandonment, felt alienated from my peers, suffered from anxiety and depression, and struggled with my sexual orientation,” Kiera Bell was put on puberty blockers at age 16, received testosterone shots at age 17, and underwent a double mastectomy at age 20.

Five years after beginning her medical transition, Kiera realized “that gender dysphoria was a symptom of [her] overall misery, not its cause.” She then began the process of detransitioning.

In her story, she describes a struggle with releasing her emotions and being able to cry due to her treatments. The consequences of her initial decision to transition include possible infertility, loss of breasts and ability to breastfeed, atrophied genitals, permanently changed voice, and facial hair.


A 23-year-old woman who, at age 15, was introduced to gender ideology on Tumblr, Helena began calling herself nonbinary, eventually seeing herself as a “trans man.” At 18, she began testosterone treatments. After experiencing negative effects on her mental health, she stopped the testosterone treatments at age 19. She described feelings of numbness, anger, self-harm, and depression.

 “When they tell you about testosterone, they mostly frame it as a cosmetic thing. Sure, you might feel more irritable, you’ll probably have a higher sex drive, and there is that whole thing about increased risk for heart disease and cancer, but for the most part it’s all about fat redistribution and getting a deep, commanding voice. My informed consent document even generously warned me about “mood changes.” But I don’t know if anything would have prepared me for what it actually felt like.”

– Helena

A Christian Response

In all of our efforts to speak out against the depravity that abounds in our nation, as we rightfully accuse the activists of targeting our children and indoctrinating society, let us not forget those who have fallen victim to the lies, deceit, and wickedness of transgender ideology. Let us recognize that they have been insufferably exploited by a corrupt and evil industry and let us remember to have the utmost compassion for them.

They need our prayers, our support, our concern, and, above all, the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. It should make us grieve to realize the depths of utter depravity impacting these people. Doctors go along with it. Politicians, media, and activists band together to push and celebrate this ideology, which is harming so many people.

The most loving thing we can do as Christians is to seek to encourage the most confused, lost, and distressed to be more confident and comfortable in the body God gave them. As children and teenagers are being victimized by puberty blockers, hormones, and castration surgeries, as they are being brainwashed, exploited, and taken advantage of by the pharmaceutical industry, the media, and politicians, the most loving and Christlike thing we can do, besides sharing the Gospel, is speaking up to protect them from the grave, life altering effects of gender transition.

“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

–Proverbs 31:8-9

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