A year into this presidency, are there any bigger frauds than ‘Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden?’


“Was their ugly tradeoff worth it — callous indifference toward the unborn in return for more federal crusading into the private sector?”

Prior to the 2020 election, a coterie of evangelicals formed an advocacy group to denounce “one issue political thinking,” arguing that such concerns lacked “biblical balance.” That “one issue” was abortion and the purported “biblical balance” they sought was a total embrace of Joe Biden’s cradle-to-grave entitlement agenda. 

They called themselves “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden.” 

It didn’t matter that Joe Biden had begun supporting direct taxpayer financing for abortion or that members of his party were defending abortion rights up until the moment of birth. Nope. What mattered to “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden” (henceforth known as FRAUDS) was that Biden was willing to tackle “poverty, racism, lack of health care and climate change” with another round of trillion-dollar government programs.

This was what “biblical values demand,” we were told

Okay then, we’re more than a year into this presidency, and while the White House has not lowered global temperatures just yet (O ye of little faith!), we can at least evaluate Biden’s impact on those “vulnerable” Americans that the FRAUDS claimed to speak up for. 

That is to say, was their ugly tradeoff worth it — callous indifference toward the unborn in return for more federal crusading into the private sector?  

Before we answer that question, it’s important to revisit how devious the FRAUDS were in trying to recast liberal obsessions as the genuine pro-life position. For context, nothing has fueled Christian activism more passionately over a longer period of time than the righteous attempt to legally end the barbaric practice of legalized abortion. Other policy platforms, while noteworthy, have traditionally taken a backseat to this one. And for good reason. 

Our very essence is directly tied to God’s “image.”

To snuff out the life of an unborn child is the ultimate in humanist conceits — man deposing God as the architect of life, with man taking it upon himself to decide the fundamental question of when such life even begins. In doing so, man foolishly inserts himself as the supreme judge of the land. This arrogance, however, is not confined to abortion only. If man believes that he has the power to regulate life apart from God, then chances are he also believes he can regulate nearly every other facet of human interaction apart from God — law, politics, ethics, education, business… everything, basically. 

We end up with no restraints on human authority. 

This is a recipe for tyranny, where man’s power is considered unlimited. 

And this is why abortion is such a potent subject beyond its immediate consequence of death. Christians who reject the humanist proposition of man’s sovereignty, and thus vote largely on that “one issue,” usually back candidates who also display a healthy skepticism of government intervention. Pro-life candidates generally operate from a governing philosophy that restricts the state to a narrow domain, one that mostly focuses on punishing evil and maintaining a civil society (the Romans 13 model). Within this framework, the state is not to interfere with the affairs of the family or that of the church, and vice versa. Each of these three jurisdictions is to respect the prerogative of the other.

This is a recipe for freedom, where man’s power is decentralized. 

How people view abortion, as it turns out, is actually a good indicator regarding their own appetite for government encroachment. Who was more likely to shut down churches, for instance, under the guise of COVID-19 necessities, as Planned Parenthood, weed shops, and liquor stores remained open — pro-life or pro-abortion proponents? And now, who is more likely to use state schools as vehicles to propagandize kids with a perverse gender ideology despite ongoing parental outrage — pro-life or pro-abortion proponents? 

You know the answer. 

Abortion, in other words, is not just a standalone issue but usually reflects a broader commitment to reject or accept the biblical jurisdictions carved out for the family, the church, and the state, all of which find their proper roles in God’s revealed Word. In fact, to align as pro-life is a public proclamation that there are divinely established limits as to what one person can do to another. 

But progressives revile any boundaries that limit their collectivist ambitions, boundaries like don’t seize your neighbor’s stuff. So when the New Testament clearly exhorts believers as church communities to meet the needs of the poor — which is the reverse of today’s “charity” through state coercion — Christian leftists cringe because that means they must dip into their own pockets, and not yours. They’ve put more faith in man’s bureaucracy as the central agent for renewal than in Christ’s bride, the church. 

Which brings us back to the FRAUDS, “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden.” 

The group knew that most sane Christians would rank innocent life in the womb above (inefficient) welfare spending and other redistributionist schemes. As such, they concocted a farcical attempt to redefine their “progressive” worldview as the true “commitment to the sanctity of human life,” from “beginning to end.” And launched a PR blitz to convince other Christians of the same — that theft under the banner of “social justice” isn’t really theft but rather an “ethic of life.”

If there were any doubts that these verbal twists weren’t intended to give cover to taxpayer spending blowouts using the veneer of Scripture, the FRAUDS endorsed Biden’s insane $1.9 trillion coronavirus legislation because it would keep “our families and communities safe from COVID” — LOL — and improve “the income of America’s working poor” by 20 percent. 

Would you be surprised to learn that the opposite has happened?

The “working poor” are getting crushed by Biden’s fiscal priorities. Whatever pay raise they’ve received has been painfully erased by soaring inflation, the likes of which we haven’t seen in four decades. Inflation is getting so bad that even typical allies in the media can no longer run interference for the White House. 

“‘Survival mode’: Inflation falls hardest on low-income Americans” is a recent headline from the Washington Post, capturing the financial pain many are feeling. 

In the article, one struggling Hispanic mother gave this lament: 

“It’s outrageous how much everything has gone up. I go to the supermarket to buy chicken, and I have to make a decision on what meal I’m going to cook based on the prices. … I’m not going to buy anything luxurious. Everything is more expensive.”

Remember, this is the type of person who the FRAUDS told us was their constituency, in an effort to justify choosing the politics of central planning over the politics of ending abortion. “Biblical balance” is how they labeled it.  And here is the Washington Post, of all outlets, describing the end result of this phony balance as “particularly devastating to lower-income households with already tight budgets.” 

The “working poor” are also getting hammered with higher rent due to “biblical balance Biden’s” runaway inflation. NBC reports that rent has “jumped by more than 30% in major cities” and is expected to surge another “10%” before the year is up.  Even former Obama official Steven Rattner has blasted Biden for creating an “overstimulated economy,” where “too much money [is] chasing too few goods.”

America’s poor cannot survive another three years with this kind of “help.” 

And this brings us back to our original question: Was the ugly tradeoff hatched by “Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden” worth it?

Well, the Biden administration is currently populated by fanatics who “pledge to defend” abortion access “with every tool we possess” and low-income Americans are getting sacked with higher prices and a devalued dollar because of the same administration’s destructive economic policies.

FRAUDS indeed.