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Lyft and Uber weigh in on Texas abortion law with legal defense money for any drivers who illegally aid and abet abortion


Rideshare giants Lyft and Uber have announced a legal defense fund that will cover all legal fees for drivers if they get sued for taking women to abortion appointments that extend past the legal abortion limit in Texas, which is considered to be about six weeks’ gestation.

Quick Facts

Outrage among abortion activists followed the recent passing of the Texas “heartbeat law,” which says that women cannot have abortions after about six weeks’ gestation, which is when an unborn baby has a detectable heartbeat.

The new law, which went into effect on September 1, when the Supreme Court refused to hear a request for an emergency injunction by abortion providers, allows legal action against individuals who aid a woman in obtaining an abortion after the heartbeat has been detected – which is defined as a licensed physician inducing or performing an abortion and anyone who pays for or helps to pay for an abortion.

While the new law is considered a monumental win for the pro-life community, many pro-abortion individuals angrily spoke against the law, saying that it was about controlling women’s bodies, not about preserving life.

In response, Lyft’s CEO John Zimmer declared that he would be creating a “Driver Legal Defense Fund” that would cover “any and all” legal fees drivers might incur for driving a woman to an abortion. Uber later jumped on the bandwagon, with CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announcing they would do the same for their drivers should they get into legal trouble for transporting women to abortion providers in Texas.

Whether a Lyft or Uber driver could be held legally accountable and sued under the Texas heartbeat law is not clear, as the text of the law does not specifically cite within its aiding and abetting clause the act of transporting a woman to an abortion provider after the legal timeframe.

Zimmer said, “We do not appreciate how this law pits citizens against citizens, and we do not appreciate how this law limits a woman’s right to choose.”

He also donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood in a pledge to show that Lyft will “help ensure that transportation is never a barrier to health care access.”

As with the CEOs of other woke companies, Dara Khosrowshahi and John Zimmer don’t really care about the Texas “heartbeat” law and how it may or may not impact women — they really only care about making sure they get the right amount of marketing value from virtue signaling their support for this current left-wing trendy cause dominating the latest social media-driven outrage cycle.

Just like Major League Baseball got in such a huff over Georgia’s “racist” voter law that it pulled its All Star Game and an estimated $100 million in economic benefit out of majority-black Atlanta and relocated it in majority-white Denver and just like Nike condemns America for being “systemically racist” even while maximizing profits by making their products in China with forced labor and turning a blind eye to the genocide and atrocities perpetrated against the Uighurs and other minorities, Lyft and Uber claim to support poor and minority women while offering $1 million to Planned Parenthood, an organization that was founded by a racist eugenicist and adds to its already overflowing coffers by selling fetal parts for medical experimentation.

If Khosrowshahi and Zimmer really cared about the well-being of these women, they’d realize that many of them aren’t always looking for the most convenient way out of their pregnancy. Maybe some of these women would like to keep their baby and could benefit from support in the form of a free ride to an obstetrician or a pregnancy support center or a maternity home rather than an abortion clinic.

It is ghoulish to think that of all the causes these powerful and very wealthy men could support and truly impact, they are most interested in making sure a woman can get to a cold, sterile place where strangers are more than happy to take her money and kill her child. Of course, they’ll no doubt rest easy knowing that when the procedure is all done, Planned Parenthood will be sure to put the woman back in an Uber or a Lyft and send her on her way.