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How the media made Democrat voters fear their American neighbor more than China or the Taliban


After the Taliban brutally reconquered Afghanistan and the Chinese Community Party (CCP) cracked down on its citizens over the summer while simultaneously flexing its military might internationally, you would think that all Americans would see that these hostile foreign actors as serious global threats. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has even referred to China as the greatest threat to democracy since World War II.

Democrat voters, however, don’t seem that concerned about the CCP or the Taliban; instead, they see Trump supporters and the unvaccinated — their fellow citizens, even their very own neighbors — as the greatest threats to America today.

A recent Scott Rasmussen poll revealed a telling discrepancy between the way GOP and independent voters perceive threats to the nation, compared to how Democrat voters see threats.

A September 8 survey provided participants with a list of possible threats to the country and asked them to rank their top concerns. According to the results, 66 percent of GOP voters saw the Taliban as a serious threat to America, followed by “Defund the Police Activists” at 62 percent and China at 58 percent. Similarly, 58 percent of independent voters put the Taliban at the top of their list, followed closely by China. Only 29 percent of independents considered Trump supporters as a threat, with 33 percent claiming that the unvaccinated are a serious threat.

But, according to this poll, Democrat voters clearly have significantly different concerns regarding what they see as the real threat to our national security. Rasmussen reported that 57 percent of Democratic voters believe supporters of Donald Trump are a serious threat to the nation. A separate Rasmussen survey found that 56 percent of those in President Biden’s party also consider the unvaccinated a serious threat. That’s a higher level of concern than Democrats express about the Taliban (44 percent), China (44 percent), or Russia (37 percent).

This raises a serious question: What could possibly be the cause for Democrat voters to consider half of their fellow Americans as a more serious threat to our country than jihadist extremists like the Taliban? The answer? Our biased media.

For example, when I went to CNN’s website and just scanned the front page, the headlines included:

Or consider these other mainstream media headlines found from a quick search:

Now, these are just a small sample size of headlines from recent weeks. But it’s not only been a few weeks that this kind of news has been inundating the nation. It’s been year after year of constant anti-Trump and anti-Trump-supporter rhetoric dripping into the veins of voters who turn to sources like CNN, NPR, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, etc., for their daily news.

The coastal elites who populate these newsrooms suffer from serious Trump Derangement Syndrome, and they use their positions and platforms to not just villainize Trump but to demonize his supporters. With Trump out of the office, and the mainstream media running interference for the Biden administration, the target has shifted. Instead of Trump voters, the liberal talking heads are now waging an all-out campaign to blame the unvaccinated for the continued presence of COVID-19.

When media figures recklessly refer to Trump supporters as domestic terrorists, rest assured that kind of rhetoric creates fear and resentment in Democrat voters. Take for example the January 6 riot at the Capitol. The media slapped the label “insurrection” on the tragic events of that day so fast it made your average American’s head spin. We were told the entire event was orchestrated by Donald Trump in some desperate ploy to overturn the election results. But in reality, Trump did no such thing, and the riot was just that: a riot. There was no “insurrection.” There was no “coup.” Furthermore, the vast majority of both Republican and Trump voters don’t support the actions taken by those who perpetrated the events of January 6.

The media has also worked to turn Americans against the unvaccinated, claiming that the spread of COVID-19 is their almost entirely their fault. They conveniently ignore the continued spread of COVID-19 in highly-vaccinated Israel or the fact that vaccinated individuals continue to contract the virus here in the U.S. Rather than investigate why the vaccine is clearly not as effective as it was claimed to be, or honestly report on the possible side effects, the media just repeats, ad nauseum, that the only reason you won’t get the jab is because you don’t care that people are dying from COVID-19. And sadly, as the Rasmussen poll shows, many Democrats believe that.

The truth is the media is perpetrating psychological abuse on Democrat voters. Instead of reporting the news in such a way to allow reasonable viewers to gather facts and draw their own conclusions, they create boogeymen out of Trump voters and the unvaccinated for political reasons. And scapegoating the unvaccinated helps put added pressure on the enactment and enforcement of vaccine mandates.

You see, it helps the Left if Democrat voters believe their Republican counterparts aren’t just of a different mind on debatable political issues but actually morally wrong. Evil, in fact. A threat, to both democracy and our security. As a result, Democrats now live in greater fear of Trump supporters and the unvaccinated than they do of the Taliban and America’s most serious geopolitical adversary, the CCP.  On its face, that is, quite frankly, wildly unfounded and should give all of us cause for concern.

Here is my closing advice: If you are a Democrat voter who fears Trump supporters, try talking to one of them. Ask them if they support domestic terrorism, harbor racist views, dream of insurrections, or just want to see people die from COVID. I assure you the answer will be no. If you find yourself viewing the unvaccinated as some sort of blight on humanity, instead of just an average American trying to make the best health decision they can in an incredibly confusing and complicated context, why not take an unvaccinated friend out to lunch? Try talking to those you view as political “others,” listening to their concerns, and considering their perspective, rather than writing them off as conspiracy theorists.

Right now, our nation needs to come together. We need clear minds and sharp eyes to spot the real threats that face us as American citizens in the 21st century. Don’t let the media or the powers-that-be drag us apart. Don’t buy into the false narrative that your neighbor is somehow a more serious national security threat than the Taliban.

Instead, let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt and work to overcome our internal divisions so that we can remain united as the greatest force for freedom the world has ever known.