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Pompeo tells young Christian political staffers ‘don’t leave your faith at the door, continue to pray and worship’

John Wesley Reid /


Mike Pompeo urged young Christian political staffers to “rely on your faith” while pursuing their careers in politics. The former CIA director and secretary of state is known for being public about his Christianity and challenged up-and-coming Christian political staffers not to “abandon” what they believe, and if they live in obedience to God, they will see the fruits of their labor. 



Reid: For those who are in their young to mid-twenties who are working on the hill, they’re working for State, they’re working for an agency – they’re believers, they love the Lord and they’re pursuing some form of a political career, what is your advice for them, sir?


Pompeo: Don’t park your faith at the door, step into it. Lean into it, rely on your faith, continue to pray, continue to worship, continue to do the things that are consistent with your faith. You can do all of that and still perform your function to the country the thing that you are asked to do in your job, we have a constitution, that’s your first responsibility as a worker in the field of delivering good outcomes for the American people on behalf of the United States and its government. That doesn’t require you to abandon those things that you know and believe in your heart. So I would say, as I told my son, if you do three things in life if you work hard,  keep your faith,  and tell the truth, a lot of good things are likely to happen, and so I would urge every one of those young people to do those three things every day, (maybe) not every day, but often, will have results that are glorious for them and (will) glorify our Lord as well.


Pompeo shared his encouragement for young political Christians during an interview with John Wesley Reid where they discussed Afghanistan, the horrific application of a failed exit strategy, and how we must pray for those currently trapped in Afghanistan.


Secretary Pompeo has been outspoken about his Christian faith since the beginning of his political career in the House of Representatives. During his confirmation hearing to become secretary of state, his faith was invoked and criticized by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, namely Senator Cory Booker, D-N.J. who said he would not vote to confirm Pompeo due to his biblical position on sexuality. Nevertheless, Pompeo stood his ground as an advocate for Christ – not man.


The secretary has also been a prominent figure in the fight for religious liberty, utilizing his political power in defense of those whose freedom to express their faith has been oppressed. In 2018, the State Department hosted the first-ever Ministerial to Advance International Religious Freedom in Washington D.C. This event featured religious leaders from across the faith spectrum and across the world. Leaders donned in their respected garb and religious attire shared their stories of religious persecution and strategized about how religion can be protected throughout the world.