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American Medical Association calls for biological sex designations to be removed from U.S. birth certificates

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The American Medical Association (AMA) is recommending that the biological sex of a baby should be removed as a legal designation from the baby’s birth certificate so as to avoid discrimination against individuals who identify as a member of the opposite sex or gender non-binary.


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“Designating sex on birth certificates as male or female, and making that information available on the public portion, perpetuates a view that sex designation is permanent and fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity,” AMA Board Chair-Elect Sandra Adamson Fryhofer, M.D., explained in a press release, further stating that removing a baby’s biological sex from the public document would prevent discrimination as individuals register for school and sports, apply for jobs, adopt, get married, or request their public records.


“This type of categorization system also risks stifling an individual’s self-expression and self-identification and contributes to marginalization and minoritization,” she said.


The medical organization believes that the U.S. certificate of live birth, which is submitted to the state vital records office, should still record a baby’s sex for the sake of collecting medical and public health data.


Jeremy Toler, M.D., a delegate from GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality, argues that this change is necessary as an “equalizer” for transgender and gender nonbinary individuals as well as intersex individuals, that is, people who are born with physical characteristics of both genders as opposed to simply identify as one, another, or neither.


“We unfortunately still live in a world where it is unsafe in many cases for one’s gender to vary from the sex assigned at birth,” he stated.


There was some dissent from the medical community, however.


“We as physicians need to report things accurately,” stated Robert Jackson, M.D., an alternate delegate from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. “All through medical school, residency, and specialty training we were supposed to delegate all of the physical findings of the patient we’re taking care of. I think when the child is born, they do have physical characteristics either male or female and I think that probably should be on the public record. That’s just my personal opinion.”



The American Medical Association is one of the most notable proponents of so-called “gender affirming” healthcare, having recently opposed legal measures to ban “transition-related care” for minors, which it deems “medically necessary.”


As the report and its supporters stated, the organization is taking the stance that gender is separate from physical sex, but that begs the question: Why are synthetic hormones and cosmetic surgery often used to distort a person’s natural image to adhere to that of a member of the opposite binary sex, a treatment protocol that is considered by the AMA to be “medically necessary…for children?”


Not only is it up for heated debate as to whether such treatments are even safe for children, much less necessary, but enabling individuals to be officially recognized according to their gender identity can have deadly results — in 2019, a woman who identified as a man gave birth to a stillborn baby because emergency room staff never considered that her symptoms were consistent with labor.


Medicine has without doubt advanced dramatically in recent years. But advancement must come with the healthy entertaining of opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately, when it comes to issues of gender identity and medicine, doctors are self-censoring and any dissenting voices are quickly being snuffed out by the virtue-signaling leftist establishment.


It is nothing short of chilling that the AMA is asserting this decidedly radical ideology about gender as though it is medically recognized or biologically factual.


This seems to be far removed from anything resembling “progress.”