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Salt and Light: Why Christians Need to Engage in the Public Arena

Standing for Freedom Center Staff /


“Let’s talk about politics…”


For many, that phrase garners groans, eye-rolls, and sparks of intense anger. Political discussions easily and often devolve into name-calling or fiery debates in which each side is seemingly competing for whose ego is stronger than granite. It’s been said that “politics is a nasty, dirty game.” But does it have to be?


Although that may be the design of the world, that is not the practice we as believers should follow. We are called to love our brothers and sisters in Christ —  regardless of our differences and disagreements.


Cue: Faith Wins


One of the core missions of Faith Wins, is to break through barriers that have been set before us in order to unify, not divide.


This mission obviously means running from the tough debates, not engaging in political thought, avoiding government officials, and making other plans on Election Day…right? Far from it!


As followers of Christ, we are called to live by the Matthew 5 exhortation to be “salt and light to the world.” If believers sit on the sidelines and refuse to get involved in the political process, then who will lead?


We know that there are political issues and policy positions fundamental to our core faith values. What we see now in the world is the spread of misinformation —  “your” opinion and “my” opinion. The erosion of truth and the belief that facts no longer exist is too commonplace.


We know that this is a false dichotomy. And we know that it’s up to us to point this out.


That’s why Faith Wins was founded: To assist faith leaders to leverage their influence and impact within the governmental and political arena. As a 501(c)(3), we don’t endorse candidates, but we’ve been able to identify persons of faith who are focused on the issues of today that affect the Church, organizations of faith, and our founding principles; conduct voter registration drives to maximize the voice and the vote of believers; and connect with political-thought leaders, candidates, and elected officials to build trusted relationships. In sum, we are working to make sure that Christian voices are heard at every level of our nation’s government.


As Thomas Jefferson thoughtfully penned in the Declaration of Independence nearly 250 years ago, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Governments will lead as they are led by its people.


It is important that we, as Christ followers, engage in political thought and get involved in political “debate,” but we must make sure we do it in a way that honors our Lord and respects others. If we are to be successful in advocating for TRUTH and what is RIGHT then we must actively focus on how to best effectively share our positions. Not just with those who are like-minded, but also — and most importantly — to those with whom we disagree.


America’s great awakenings and revivals have always begun with the Church. Pastors, faith leaders, the congregation, and Christians cannot underestimate our influence. The battle for the soul of our nation and its founding principles is the responsibility of all of us.


So step up, speak out, love others, and make an impact.