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Arkansas and Idaho kick Planned Parenthood out of schools




The states of Idaho and Arkansas have passed bills that bar Planned Parenthood from making agreements to present sex education classes or to pass out birth control and abortifacients at either K-12 schools or public universities.


Quick Facts



The Idaho legislation also prohibits any publicly funded agency or school from entering into a contract with an abortion provider and blocks the use of any public facility or agency from “providing, performing, or participating in an abortion.”


The law prevents the following activities in schools:



The law does not prohibit the use of Medicaid funds to perform an abortion.


Blaine Conzatti, executive director of the Family Policy Alliance of Idaho, celebrated the new law, saying, “The No Public Funds For Abortion Act protects students, vulnerable women, and hard-working taxpayers from the ‘Big Abortion’ lobby. We are excited that Gov. Brad Little signed this important pro-life reform that protects taxpayer assets from abortion providers who have benefitted from government largesse for too long.”


He added, “Idahoans don’t want their state or local governments sending their hard-earned money to abortion providers — and they certainly don’t want abortionists providing services and promoting abortion in our public schools and universities.”


Meanwhile, the Arkansas legislature easily passed the Arkansas Student Protection Act. The bill says, “A public school or open-enrollment public charter school shall not knowingly enter into any type of transaction with an individual or entity” that performs, induces, or provides abortions. The package has since been sent to Gov. Asa Hutchinson, R, for signing; his office has not said whether he will sign it or not, but the legislature has enough votes to easily override a veto and make it law.


Jerry Cox of the Arkansas Family Council said this was a “good bill” that “will help make sure Planned Parenthood and other abortionists don’t access Arkansas’ public schools.”


Many citizens don’t realize that Planned Parenthood does have access to schools not only to provide abortion information but has also reportedly discussed highly inappropriate material with students in sex education trainings. The group even discussed masochistic sexual activity with students and passed out material on the subject. Planned Parenthood counselors have allegedly told underage students that anything is permissible as long as they have a safe word that would tell their partner to stop.



These legislatures should be applauded. Abortion agencies should not receive a cent of taxpayer money, and they should have no access to students. Abortion providers profit off of convincing women and girls to engage in promiscuous sexual activity and then, after they get pregnant, that they have no option but to abort their child.


Unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood has no problem with peddling sexually deviant and inappropriate, not to mention dangerous, materials to students. Children and teenagers need to be protected from agencies that would encourage such behavior, and other state legislatures should follow the lead of Idaho and Arkansas in introducing similar bans.