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The Biden administration releases over 100 illegal immigrants with COVID-19 into America — with no way of tracking them

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President Joe Biden criticized the governors of Texas and Mississippi for reopening their economies and rescinding mask mandates, but Biden’s immigration policies have encouraged a surge of illegal immigrants at the border, leading to the release of over 100 illegal immigrants who tested positive for COVID-19 into the United States.


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Biden referred to the decisions by Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, and Gov. Tate Reeves, R-Miss., as a “big mistake” saying,


“Look, I hope everybody’s realized by now, these masks make a difference. We are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because of the way we are able to get vaccines in people’s arms.”


Biden projected that vaccines would be available to every adult American in May and added,


“The last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking, that, in the meantime, everything’s fine, take off your mask. Forget it, it still matters.”


The president claimed that “we’re going to lose thousands more” if restrictions are lifted too early. “It’s critical, critical, critical, critical that they follow the science. Wash your hands [with] hot water. Do it frequently. Wear a mask and stay socially distanced.”


Gov. Abbott’s office responded to Biden’s criticism by saying,


“The Governor was clear in telling Texans that COVID hasn’t ended, and that all Texans should follow medical advice and safe practices to continue containing COVID. The fact is, Texas now has the tools and knowledge to combat COVID while also allowing Texans and small businesses to make their own decisions … It is clear from the recoveries, the vaccinations, the reduced hospitalizations, and the safe practices that Texans are using that state mandates are no longer needed. We must now do more to restore livelihoods and normalcy for Texans. The Governor’s focus has been, and always will be, protecting the lives and livelihoods of Texans.”


Other states are now following the lead of Texas and Mississippi. On Thursday, Connecticut announced that it was lifting all capacity limits on restaurants, museums, libraries, churches, gyms, retail centers and offices, and personal service businesses beginning on March 19. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey said on Thursday that she will lift the state’s mask mandate on April 9. Louisiana has also loosened its COVID restrictions on restaurants, including doing away with any capacity limits on worship services.


President Biden seems out of step with this more optimistic approach. Instead, he is doubling down on mask mandates, lockdowns, and capacity limits for all Americans — but not, as conservative host Sean Hannity pointed out, for illegal immigrants.


Fox News reported that as illegal border crossings surge due to Biden’s lenient immigration policies, 108 illegal immigrants who tested positive for COVID-19 were released into Texas. The immigrants were told to visit a free health care center but they were not required to quarantine or get two negative tests before being allowed to resume their lives as is the case with Americans who test positive.


Felipe Romero, a spokesman for Brownsville, Texas, said that the city has no authority to prevent them from traveling to other parts of the country and can only advise them to take precautions.


Some of the immigrants had plans to travel to states such as North Carolina, New Jersey, and Maryland. Despite testing positive for COVID-19, no paperwork was given to show that they had tested positive.


Other illegal immigrants are coming into the country but many are not being tested at all before being put on buses and traveling to other parts of the country. Hannity said,


“Alright, let’s all get this straight: According to Joe Biden, illegal immigrants…can pour across our Southern border, no masks, no social distancing, no COVID test, nothing, but American businesses, you have to be shut down indefinitely. That makes zero sense.”


Meanwhile, the Biden administration has denied that there is a crisis at the border, despite evidence to the contrary. The Department for Homeland Security expects a record 117,000 unaccompanied minors will make their way to the border this year, more than the 68,000 who traveled there during the 2014 crisis and the 80,000 who traveled in 2019.


As The Hill noted, Biden’s return to the Obama-era “catch and release” policy encourages untold numbers of illegal immigrants from around the world to enter the country as long as they promise to return for a hearing, although there is no way to track them or make them show up.


When asked if there was a crisis at the border, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, “The answer is no.” Mayorkas referred to the situation as a “challenge” that the administration is “managing” while blaming the Trump administration for the situation, alleging that the immigration system was “gutted.”



The situation at the border is clearly a crisis, and it is one of the Biden administration’s own making, as evidenced by the crowds of immigrants massing at the border wearing Biden shirts and waving Biden signs. Biden’s reversal of Trump-era policies have encouraged an influx of illegal immigrants who endanger themselves and their children because they know they will be given entry into the United States. In fact, there are now so many people traveling to the border that the cartels and smuggling networks have started using a “wristband inventory” system to keep track of them so they can be sure to receive their required and ongoing payments.


The release of 108 illegal immigrants with COVID-19 into the United States makes something else clear: COVID-19 only matters when it is politically expedient for Democrats. Americans have spent a year living under mask mandates, lockdowns, harsh restrictions, and constant reminders that they should live in abject fear of this deadly virus. Surging unemployment, small businesses closing their doors, children spending a year out of in-person school (including three million children who have failed to even show up for online classes) — that didn’t matter to our governing class, nor has the increase in child abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse, and the growing epidemic of suicides and drug overdoses among teens and young people. COVID-19 was too deadly, they told us, to worry about any of that, but illegal immigrants crossing into the United States with the illness? No problem.


Americans have lost their jobs, radically altered their lives, and been commanded to steer clear of church services and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, but that’s not all. Americans have been unable to celebrate weddings and graduations, visit sick and dying loved ones in the hospital, or have more than a few guests at funerals, but they adhered to these promises because they believed that by “being apart together,” life would one day return to normalcy. When the country can return to normal, however, is anyone’s guess as Biden can only rip Texas and Mississippi for opening their economies and lifting mask mandates due to dropping COVID numbers.


It is the Biden administration, not Abbott, who displays actual “Neanderthal thinking” by releasing illegal immigrants with the COVID virus into the state and out into unsuspecting communities. This move is a slap in the face to all Americans who obeyed restrictions for the past year despite the harm it has caused to them personally. In cities across the nation, citizens have quarantined when they tested positive and submitted to contact tracing to help slow the spread, yet the Biden administration encourages masses of immigrants to flood into our border and be released into the country. Some would call that a “super-spreader” event.


If illegal immigrants carrying the virus can be released into the country with no way to track them or restrict their movements, then Americans can also begin to return to life as normal.