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Argentinian president says legalizing abortion will create a ‘better, more equal society’



The most powerful weapon the abortion apologist has in their arsenal is the deceptive language they employ to make the deliberate destruction of life in the womb sound like a sacred right, rather than the violation thereof.


And so it was with glowing connotations of liberty and equality that Argentina President Alberto Fernandez celebrated his signing of the nation’s new laws legalizing abortion last week.


“Today we have a better, more equal society,” he declared from an event at a museum in Buenos Aires for the occasion, SBS News reported. “This is a great step towards equal rights, giving women the possibility to decide.”


In December, the National Congress of Argentina passed the pro-abortion legislation that Fernandez had introduced despite strong opposition from the country’s Roman Catholic majority and Pope Francis himself, as Life News has reported


“I have been able to honor my word, to keep a campaign promise,” he said this week of the “culmination of a long struggle” to decriminalize abortion, which had previously been restricted to cases of rape or to save the life of the mother. 


Life News also noted that Fernandez has repeatedly argued that legalizing abortion is a matter of health, pointing to “questionable statistics” about how many women die as a result of illegal abortions. The pro-life outlet explained:


“Legalizing abortion does not save lives or help women. Abortions destroy unborn babies’ lives and often harm mothers physically or psychologically. Pro-abortion groups often overestimate the number of illegal and unsafe abortions that occur in countries across the world…. A recent Washington Post fact check also found what pro-life advocates have been saying for years: that, in the United States, few women died from abortions in the decade prior to Roe v. Wade, and a rise in the use of antibiotics appears to be the biggest factor in the drop in maternal deaths, not legalized abortions.”


Argentina’s new law stands out in Central and South America, where abortion is still illegal or restricted in most nations.


“Abortion advocacy groups, backed by some of the richest men in the world, hope the vote in Argentina will prompt neighboring countries to legalize abortions as well,” Life News stated.


To suggest that women need to be allowed to act on a “choice” in order to be “equal” is to suggest that being child-bearers makes them somehow inferior to men.


Either every human life is equal — and this includes the unborn — or we fall quickly into this morally depraved justification for murder, which calls it “equality” to deprive the rights of one individual in the name of protecting rights for another.


There is nothing equalizing about legalizing abortion nor does it further the interest of public health to legally allow the dismemberment and murder of unborn babies in the womb, even if it were true that women were dying from illegal abortions.


Anything that involves the intentional snuffing out of a human life is by definition antithetical to public health, particularly the health of the segment of the population blessed with the ability to conceive and spring forth new life.


Abortion doesn’t liberate women — it dehumanizes the aspect of their nature that makes them so precious to a moral society.


One can prattle on and on about “rights” and “equality” and “health.” The fact is, abortion will never be anything other than the most base and cruel violation of the most sacred right of all: the right to life.