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Our Muhlenberg Moment: Calling Virginia Pastors Together to Pray and Plan

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Our Muhlenberg Moment


From a pulpit in Woodstock, VA on January 21, 1776, Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg said, “There is a time for war and a time for peace and now is the time to fight.”  This pastor/patriot called men in his congregation to stand up for freedom and resist tyranny by joining Virginia’s 8th Regiment.


Our Muhlenberg moment has returned to Virginia.  Will we stand firm like he did?  Will we stand up to those who want to eliminate our freedoms?  Will our collective voices reverberate in the public square?


Leaders, you are hereby requested to be present at Liberty University’s Alumni Ballroom in the Montview Student Center on December 7th at 12 noon for lunch, introductions, discussions, and strategies related to Virginia’s General Assembly and the November 2, 2021 elections.  Meals and hotel reservations are included.  Leaders’ meeting will end with lunch on Tuesday; however, we encourage you to stay through Wednesday lunch and engage the pastors who join us at lunch on Tuesday.


Pastors, you are hereby asked to join us on Tuesday, December 8th at 12:00 pm for lunch in the same location.  Meals are included and hotel reservations are available if needed.  The event will end after lunch on Wednesday 12/9.


Pastor Muhlenberg stood up for the freedoms we treasure.  Will we stand up now so that future generations can enjoy the same liberties?


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