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You cannot be pro-life and pro-Biden


A new group named Pro Life Evangelicals for Biden (PLEB) launched a website announcing their support for Joe Biden’s candidacy.


The group, which includes names such as Richard Mouw, president emeritus of Fuller Seminary, and John Huffman, former board chair of Christianity Today, justifies its support for Biden by claiming that being “pro-life” encompasses many issues, not just defending unborn life. In PLEB’s view, “Poverty, lack of accessible health care services, smoking, racism and climate change are all pro-life issues,” and since PLEB claims liberals are “better” on these issues, a pro-life Evangelical should feel comfortable voting for Biden.


The problem with this assertion is that none of the issues PLEB lists are really pro-life. PLEB has succumbed to the “seamless garment” fallacy, a theory that treats every issue under the sun as being “pro-life” with the result being to dilute the fight to defend unborn lives.


But the fight to end abortion has a moral clarity that many other issues lack. It is scientifically proven that life begins at conception, a truth that the Psalmist affirms when he declares that “[God] knitted me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). Abortion always ends a preborn human life.


You simply can’t apply the same standard to the other issues PLEB mentions, namely, poverty, racism, and climate change. Of course, these are all serious issues, but the jury is still out on how to solve them, and liberal policies rarely offer realistic solutions.

Take poverty, for example. Poverty does indeed degrade the lives of millions, but do liberals really have better solutions for helping the poor? The left embraces the welfare state, which has been proven to exacerbate poverty in multiple studies. Just take a look at any of our liberal-run cities today. On the other hand, there is ample evidence that free markets, which are favored by conservatives, have done more to help the poor than all the government programs in the world.


What about racism? It is absolutely true that racism is a heinous sin and that vile criminals such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) lynched thousands of innocent black Americans in the past. But the KKK today is a completely insignificant force (with only 3,000 members nationwide in the U.S.), and pro-life Evangelicals today aren’t going around justifying violence and injustice against black Americans.


The term “racism” is thrown around so much today that it has lost all meaning. America has done a remarkable job in overcoming the tragic racism of its past, and there is evidence that one of the most contentious issues of today, the supposed systemic racism of the police, is a myth. Many now go searching for racism in every nook and cranny of American society, and we have gone from fighting against Jim Crow to fighting against the racism inherent in coffee drinking.


What about climate change? If PLEB could prove that driving gas guzzlers will soon doom us all to a fiery grave, they would have a point that climate change should be considered a pro-life issue. But this is not the case; there is proof that many climate change activists have repeatedly fudged statistics to prove their doom-and-gloom prophecies, all while calling for totalitarian measures to enforce their point of view. This gives pro-life Evangelicals plenty of space to disagree with the accepted orthodoxy on climate change and the heavy-handed measures favored by many of its proponents.


Now compare all of these issues with abortion, which is a very simple issue for Christians. Murdering babies is wrong — full stop, end of story. It is never justified under any circumstance.


PLEB tries to explain this away by saying that women frequently abort their babies because of “the financial difficulty of raising another child,” and that liberal policies will “alleviate that financial burden.” But how would you feel if someone made the following argument: I know my party openly embraces first degree murder, but that’s okay because they’ll somehow alleviate the poverty which drives people to become murderers in the first place?


Liberals of today have not only elevated abortion to a sacrament, but it is hell-bent on punishing those who disagree. There is simply no room at all for any Christian to vote for a party that supports such a satanic sacrament, and PLEB’s attempt to turn every issue into a pro-life issue will only weaken the actual fight to save the unborn.


When everything is supposedly “pro-life,” the unborn pay the price.