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Our faith should influence our politics, but it must start with praying for our leaders.



There was a time when I did not believe biblical morality should dictate who ran the government and what type of policies they implemented, even after I first became a Christian. Now, though, I would emphatically answer “yes!” to the question of whether or not my faith influences my political beliefs.


I believe that it is a moral imperative for any devout Christian to let their faith dictate their politics. If you believe in the objective moral standards of the Bible, then what you believe humans should or should not be allowed to do to one another should be measured against this infallible wisdom.


Recently, however, I found myself wondering: Why do I sometimes forget to be faithful about politics?


Let me be clear: I don’t believe we should place our faith in political systems or politicians. In fact, I believe quite the opposite.


At the end of the day, political parties, elected officials, and varying political philosophies are temporal. When I hold men to the standards of God, they fall severely short! This is why it is so important to have this objective moral standard with which to gauge the virtue of our elected officials and our laws.


What I’m talking about is actually being faithful in considering the role that God can play in the political trajectory of this fleeting moment of world history.


In other words, am I actually trusting the Lord’s will be done in this chaotic time, and am I leaning on Him as the ultimate guide for the direction things are going?


I’ve definitely found myself lacking in this regard.


Sure, I advocate praying for our nation and I try to remember to mention our various leaders in prayer. Most of the time, though — and I’m ashamed to admit it — I’m fretting or venting about politics and never even thinking about laying it all out before the Lord.


In my spiritual walk, I’ve tried to cultivate a rich personal prayer life, and it’s something that, as a very verbal, active person, I’ve really had to work hard at.


Doing so has been so fruitful in my personal life as a mother, a wife, a daughter, and friend. So why am I not spending time in prayer for my government and its leaders — especially if I passionately believe that our earthly laws should ultimately exist to honor God and reflect His infallible laws?


I expend plenty of mental energy following politics. It’s my job to do so, but it’s also my passion as I’ve always been fascinated by and strongly opinionated about politics.


Again, why don’t I pray more about it? Why don’t I genuinely pray for my leaders, for God’s will to be honored and adhered to in this land, for his laws to experience a revival of regard from the citizens of this nation?


The “why” of my failures no longer matters. We have a unique thing going on in this crazy country of ours despite all of our flaws, many of which are currently blowing up in our face.


I resolve to become a political prayer warrior from this day forward.


How about you? Do you pray sincerely, fervently, consistently for your nation and its leaders? Do you place concerns about the affairs of men before God, or have you also left your faith out of your politics?


I believe prayer works. Indeed, I know prayer works. I’ve experienced it. If you’re a Christian, I’m sure you have too.


So join me in prayer. Daily prayer, devout prayer, consistent prayer. For America, for God’s people, for this broken and hurting world.


Pray for repentance. Pray for revival.


Pray for the future.


Just pray…