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Why Biblical Teaching Should Begin in the Home


Some of my earliest memories involve a large children’s Bible. The worn book had the stories of the Bible written in a way that young children could easily understand. I remember my parents would read us one of the stories every night and let us ask questions about the stories we just read.


“How did David beat Goliath when he was so small and Goliath was so big?” we would ask. “God is bigger than Goliath, and with God, you can do anything,” our parents replied.


From an early age, our parents taught us about God and the Bible. We went to church and Sunday School, yes, but they took the time to implant biblical truths in our hearts every day throughout the week in our home. We memorized a Bible verse every week and our parents would sing Bible songs with us as we made dinner or got ready for bed.


Sometimes when I’m having a hard day or just really need some encouragement, those Bible verses I memorized when I was little come back to my mind, just when I need them.


Our parents knew the importance of teaching us about Jesus and other biblical principles when we were young. They knew that these values and lessons were things that would shape the rest of our lives. Because I was so young when I learned these truths, they are forever etched into my heart. I grew up seeing the world from a Biblical lens and for that, I am so grateful.


Many social issues that we wrestle with today – abortion, lawlessness, hopelessness – all stem from a nation of young people who are growing up without knowing God. While youth pastors do such amazing things for the cause of Christ and reach so many young people, I believe Biblical teaching needs to start in the home. Pastors and youth pastors, while incredible, can only do so much. They can influence the kids in their congregation or in their communities normally on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s. But what about the other five days that are in a week?


Whether parents realize it or not, they have the biggest influence on their children’s lives when they’re young. What better way to impact their future than to teach them biblical truths when they still have childlike faith?


I am so thankful that my parents taught me about God and the Bible. I’m so glad I have those memories of reading our big Bible book every night before bed. I am so grateful that I had parents who rejected the ways of the world because they wanted better for us.


Christian parents, it’s time to rise up and take hold of your children’s biblical learning. Teach them Bible verses, sing Bible songs, pray with them, and show them how to live out their faith in their words and deeds.


These are things that they will not forget. These lessons are ones that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives – trust me, I know!


This nation needs Jesus. It needs a generation of parents who are committed to teaching their children to love Jesus with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Parents, teach your children about Jesus and His faithfulness. The same God who granted David victory over Goliath and freed the children of Israel from Egypt is the same God who lives in the hearts of those who love Him.


He is moving and He can change the heart of this country. Let us live like David, trusting that with God anything is possible, and let’s impart those same lessons on our children.


Our greatest hope and mission should be that our children and future children love God more than anything else this world has to offer.


Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


Let’s start living out our faith in our homes.