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Trevor Noah Accuses Trump of Covid-19 Panic, Being A “Cheerleader” Instead of “Coach”


Since the Bob Woodward recording of Trump’s comments about Covid-19 liberals have been frothing at the mouth while lobbing accusations at the President. This is evidently the latest in Trump’s nefarious plots to commit genocide,which is the only logical explanation. One such accusation that caught my attention was found in the Los Angeles Times article Trevor Noah Condemns Trump’s Move to Downplay Covid-19: ‘He’s a Con Man’. The article quotes Noah as he explains his surprise that Trump downplayed Covid-19 not because he’s stupid, but actually because he is an intelligent man who is willfully misleading people on issues such as the Coronavirus and racism. Noah states, “It shows you that Donald Trump is willfully misleading the public. It reminds you that he’s a con man.”


One of the first things that comes to mind is why is the political commentary of a so-called comedian considered news? The next is, this is coming from someone who pretends to be both a comedian, and a political expert. Trevor Noah, like many of his peers, is an entertainer who uses his platform to spread his political views meaning he is neither an authority on political issues or entertaining. 


It’s not just Noah putting on a con however, he is joined by liberal politicians, journalists, and supposed experts. They are conning the American public into believing that the virus is more dangerous than what it is, that they tried to warn Trump from the start, that all of this is Trump’s fault, and that we are all in this together. As Karl Rove astutely pointed out in his segment this week on Sean Hannity’s show, this is revisionist history. The President swiftly acted by implementing a travel ban from China and later from Europe both of which the left deemed as racist and over the top. Democrats didn’t know the severity of the virus and they opposed Trump’s strong plans to slow its spread. Once Trump began to downplay the virus however, the left claimed this virus was deadly and we must stay in lockdown until a vaccine could be manufactured. Democrats arbitrarily chose what was essential, granting the label to liquor stores but targeting churches if they even had drive-in services. They continue to peddle the mantra of “we’re in this together” while Nancy Pelosi went to get her hair done at a salon, which is not allowed in California, without a mask.



Donald Trump swiftly responded to the challenge of Covid-19 by taking action to protect this nation and keep it moving forward while Democrats have played political games. Let’s not forget it is the Democratic party that continues to delay any coronavirus relief until after the election. The American people are being deceived, but Donald Trump isn’t the culprit, it’s the left. We are being deceived by comedians, actors, and athletes who pontificate and scold us while they pretend to be authorities on all of society’s issues; and we are being tricked by a Democratic party that continues to use a pandemic as a political weapon to gain more power, protect Joe Biden, and decrease Trump’s popularity. If you think the media outrage over the Woodward news is genuine, Nancy Pelosi has a bridge to sell you.