The No Fun League


The National Football League earned the moniker “the No Fun League” for penalizing touchdown celebrations. Players and fans were angry over the league’s outlawing of one of their favorite elements of the game. Despite the league’s public image as a curmudgeon telling kids to stop having fun, fans never stopped watching. The NFL’s success over the last few decades has been remarkable.


Even the outrage over Colin Kaepernick wasn’t enough to keep the league’s ratings down for long as ratings were back up last season. This season, however, has seen a significant decrease in viewership. Fox Business reported that the Thursday night opener drew 19.3 million viewers compared to 22.12 million last season, a 13 percent decrease. The Sunday night game suffered an even greater decline in viewers according to the Western Journal, as 14.81 million viewers tuned in, down 23 percent from last season.


The excuses will be that Covid-19 and the California fires caused the low ratings, and both very well may play a role in the decrease as sporting events without fans lessens the excitement and the fires may have lowered the number of West coast viewers. These factors alone, however, do not explain the sharp decline. Americans are stuck at home going mad with boredom and have journeyed through a sports drought that featured the cancellation of March Madness and college baseball, and shortened seasons in the NBA and MLB (both league’s ratings are also down); yet they aren’t watching the most popular sport in America. The answer is simple, sports are no longer fun. 


Fans watch sports to see the fantastic exploits of the nation’s greatest athletes but more so to throw their allegiance behind a team and make the team’s experiences their own. Fans live and die with every victory and defeat and become irrationally loyal to their favorite players and teams. Fans from around the country and the globe form bonds even though many share little else in common. It is truly incredible to see a stadium full of very diverse people all passionately united behind one goal. Yet as Rush Limbaugh (an avid NFL fan) often says, “liberalism ruins everything”. 


The players that fans became so loyal to now disparage their nation and call them racists. This weekend’s games featured not only kneeling for the national anthem, but standing for the “black national anthem”, among other racial protests. The NFL, which for so long has refused to allow symbolic gestures in support of far more worthy causes, has now become a zealous convert to the church of wokeism.


If you feel like left wing politics has taken over all your favorite hobbies that’s because it has. There is no corner that Marxism does not seek to control. It desires to destroy all that stands in its way (including happiness), and from the ashes rebuild in its own image. None can be happy and none can be self-sufficient, all must be equally miserable and totally dependent on the government. If that sounds over dramatic or like something out of a comic book, it’s because Marxism is a philosophy born of jealousy, godlessness, and arrogance; it is truly evil.


From the superheroes and Disney shows your kids enjoy to movies, music, business, and yes, even sports, the left has seized control of nearly all the “neutral” areas of life and in the left’s league, no fun is allowed.