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Ted Cruz On The Existential Stakes for America in 2020

Falkirk Center /

Eric Bolling

-American News Personality

-Author, The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It



Ted Cruz

-Republican senator from Texas since 2013

-Author, One Vote Away



Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is no stranger to the China conversation. Cruz has long declared that China’s influence, if not tamed, will have international ramifications that will be extremely challenging to undo.


Cruz not only speaks of the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party, but he has taken practical steps at ensuring that America does not participate in any activity that can advance the communist regime’s influence in the United States.


In his position on the Senate Armed Services Committee, Cruz introduced legislation that would prohibit DOD funding to go to educational institutions if they had Confucius doctrine. The bill received bipartisan support and resulted in 17 Confucius institutions being shut down.


It would appear that this bill has not only fiscal detriment to communistic indoctrination but can also serve as a flag to expose how communism hurts their own people.


“The number one people the Chinese government is repressing are the Chinese. They’re 1.3 billion people in China who are under brutal dictatorial control and the reason that they’re so scared of Taiwan and Hong Kong is that they show that people who are Chinese, ethnically and in every respect, can live much better lives just through freedom. They are illustrations that free enterprise works a thousand times better than communism does and it produces a better quality of life. That’s why China is so afraid of them.”[1]


[1] Timestamp 19:38 – 20:13