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Senator Marsha Blackburn On US Response To China

Falkirk Center /

Dave Brat, PhD

-Dean of the School of Business at Liberty University

-Former Republican Congressman from Virginia’s 7th district 2014-2017



Marsha Blackburn

-Republican Senator from Tennessee since 2019

-Former Congresswoman from Tennessee’s 23rd district from 2003-2019



The summit heard from Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn who held the same fiercely unapologetic approach to holding China accountable as Senator Cotton.


“What are we going to do about China?” Blackburn began.


Known for her fiery speeches and a stealthy rhetorical delivery that is just as gracious as it is piercing, Blackburn was expected to be a hit – and she did not disappoint. Blackburn compared the political ideology of China to tangible examples seen in the U.S. through 2020:


“The same Marxist philosophies used by the Chinese Communist Party are filling the streets of Portland, Chicago, and even a few blocks away from where we are right now here in Washington DC.” [1]


Blackburn referred to this example again while speaking on stage with Dave Pratt:


“Peaceful protest is wonderful. We should protect peaceful protest. And we should honor and protect free speech. But rioting, vandalism, destruction…that is not okay.”[2]


Throughout Blackburn’s speech and interview with Dave Brat, a certain theme resonated throughout each of her points and would serve as a remedy to the local national conflict in China and the international conflicts stemming from China: freedom.


“Freedom is freedom’s cause. The USA is the beacon of freedom and liberty to the world.”