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Leftism: How Hypocrites Have Successfully Conned America


American leftists are con artists.


Consider the days of #MeToo.


For several months the barrage of propaganda telling us about the massive wave of anti-woman sexual deviancy from men threatened to upend our Western Civilization. Then leftist men (and more than a few powerful liberal women) began getting caught up in the “me too” unmasking. Suddenly, the “me too” movement lost its mojo and came to a stuttering halt with the nomination of “Creepy Uncle Joe” as the Democrat candidate for President.


Perhaps you’re asking for another example of the hypocrisy of the left.


Ponder, for example, the angst against all things ‘patriarchal,’ like the supposedly evil Christmas ballad, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside.”


Banning Baby, it’s Cold Outside is Stupid


Christmas Songs are Controversial


However, these same liberals seem altogether giddy at the idea of sexualizing children on the small screen. Have you seen the commotion surrounding the disgusting new Netflix series called “Cuties”? Probably not. The media has remained silent on the deviant show, but the conservative wing of the internet has been appalled. The only murmurs from the mainstream media have been about the conservative reaction – not the ugliness of sexualizing children. Apparently, the entire liberal culture is essentially one massive Roman Polanski.


Right-wingers hate Netflix’s ode to child pornography


Conservatives who don’t like child pornography are just prudes


Oh, but the hypocrisy doesn’t stop here, my friends.


We can also see it in the fight for “social justice.”


Think back to the fall of 2019, when the Houston Rockets GM, Daryl Morey, did something most Americans would agree with… he supported democracy. Morey tweeted his support for Hong Kong human rights protesters, which set off a flurry of hatred from leftist NBA stars and forced the league to distance itself from Morey.


Social Justice hypocrites like LeBron James attacked Morey. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver refused to defend Morey’s completely normal (and morally astute) tweet. Then the NBA began banning any shows of support for Hong Kong at their games! Yes, they went as far as removing people from their arenas for wearing pro-Hong Kong t-shirts or waving pro-Hong Kong signs.


These same morally superior hypocrites who decry injustice in the United States (and do so from an astoundingly uneducated position) simultaneously defend the world’s most unjust regime.



Still, the virtue-signaling leftists in the sports, media, and entertainment-industrial complex continue to pretend that the United States is the epicenter of injustice in this world.


Here’s the reality:


The United States still welcomes MORE immigrants and refugees than any other in the world.


The United States is still the world’s most massive egalitarian society in the world.


The United States still offers the greatest opportunity for upward mobility and financial possibility. This nation is home to the wealthiest and freest minority groups on the planet.


The canard of an unjust America is simply nonsense. It’s a complete con. It’s all about misdirection and a leftist grab for power.


My friends, it’s time to stop trying to convince the left that they misunderstand these things. It’s time to realize that most of the virtue-signaling hypocrites you see in the media are not being intellectually honest. It’s time to wake up to the ugly reality that our political opponents are purposely trying to misdirect the mass of Americans who aren’t paying attention. Because while the average American is focused on the smoke and mirrors, other leftist comrades are busy grabbing at the reins of power.


Almost every outrage from the left is nothing but an attempt at misdirection – a sleight of hand used by some slimy snake-oil salesman to confuse their prey just before the climax of the con.


They don’t actually believe anything that they’re saying.


It’s the reason they can complain about student loan debt while nominating the man who wrote the bills that created the student loan tsunami!


It’s the reason they can complain about the unjust criminal justice system while simultaneously nominating the man who wrote the 90s crime bill that caused the problem, and he, in turn, can choose a corrupt cop as his VP.


It’s the reason that the people who invented the #MeToo movement are suddenly happily supporting Joe Biden for President. (A man facing dozens of claims of inappropriate, deviant, and downright criminal behavior.) Here’s a list of all of the allegations made against him.


Wake up, America. The entire left wing grab for power is built upon one massive CON.