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Hillary Clinton’s Alternate Universe


Hillary Clinton has a tense relationship with reality as evidenced by her certainty that she would waltz to the White House with a landslide victory in 2016. Her tweet this week about the 2020 election shows this relationship has not improved.



This tweet is either brazen projection or complete delusion. In regard to authoritarianism, Clinton and Biden were both members of the Obama administration which was notorious for overstepping its bounds. These are the same people who support a government takeover of the healthcare system, the trampling of religious liberty, and the frightening restriction of freedoms during Covid-19.


Perhaps the most laughable of Clinton’s assertions is a Biden presidency would be a choice of dignity and respect over corruption and lawlessness. The audacity of Clinton’s claim is remarkable. Clinton’s behavior as Secretary of State led to an infamous investigation, and her campaign’s purchase of the patently false Steele dossier helped lead to the shameful impeachment circus. These examples don’t even scratch the surface of the Clintons’ corruption. Biden’s record isn’t much better particularly considering the recent scandal involving the Ukrainian company Burisma and his son’s puzzling employment there.


Clinton’s claims regarding chaos and unity are both equally ridiculous. Democrat-run cities are actually burning to the ground while not only allowing, but supporting violent riots. The left defends these riots as honorable peaceful protests in response to the supposed sins of our nation, sins which we can never atone for. President Trump has offered assistance in quelling these riots, but the Democrats don’t want the riots quelled, they want chaos in their hope of ousting Trump and gaining greater control. The way they fuel that chaos is to create division. This same Hillary Clinton referred to Trump’s supporters as “deplorables” and her party has routinely vilified anyone who opposes them or supports Trump with any number of their favorite ad hominem attacks. Any party that paints entire swaths of the population (white males, Christians, conservatives) as problematic at best and evil at worst is no friend of unity.


Democrats have already shown us their plan for Covid-19, to use it as the political opportunists they are. Trump sought to slow the spread of Covid by banning travel with China and Europe while Democrats said we needed to keep travel open. When Trump voiced support of Americans getting back to work, the left said that would result in the deaths of countless people. Democrats are delaying any attempt to alleviate suffering or to get back to a sense of normalcy because they are hoping that on election day, the American people are miserable enough to vote for any change, even one that will exasperate their suffering.


I wish I could say that I believe Clinton’s problem is truly delusion or senility but unfortunately, it is far more likely she knows her pronouncements are at odds with the truth.