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Standing for Freedom Statement on Amy Coney Barrett’s Appointment to the Supreme Court


The Standing for Freedom Center applauds the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. This appointment is sure to cause a climactic shift in judicial ideology that has, for many years, inched further left of center.

You will not find a “conservative justice” with Barrett, but rather an originalist who understands and reveres the primitive blueprints of the U.S. Constitution. Such devotion to the original text paired with an understanding of its native intent will manifest in opinions aligned with conservative values.

Judge Barrett not only brings judicial prestige to the high court but also an example of power that flies in the face of modern feminism. Modern feminism encourages women to abort their children, if they so wish, as a means to a successful career. This unnaturally grotesque notion is defeated by the fact that Barrett, a mother of seven, is about to be the youngest woman ever to sit on the highest court in the land.

Four years ago, America voiced their concern for the oppressive natures of judicial overreach seen throughout the country. Freedom of expression, religious liberty for all, and inhumane abortion laws were becoming more entangled in the court system, posing a fearful threat to our fundamental freedoms. Four years ago, America said, “no more,” and they did so at the ballot box.

Four years later their call-to-action has resulted in three Supreme Court justices with records defending the very liberties that once hung in the balance. Not every jurist will rule the way every American wants, but Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have proven to be far more in line with traditional American values than any jurist who would have been appointed by a liberal president.

The Supreme Court is not a legislative extension or platform for cultural activism, but rather a bench of legislative referees; guardians of the law who swear an oath to rule fairly, without bias, and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. Regrettably, judicial activism has not only gone unchecked but celebrated by its beneficiaries.

Amy Coney Barrett’s faith, devotion to family, and guardianship of the Constitution makes her a prime example of what the Church should look for in a Supreme Court justice. The Standing for Freedom Center enthusiastically celebrates this appointment and will be praying for Barrett and her family throughout the inevitably grueling confirmation process ahead.