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Conservative Clergy Of Color Leader Delivers Remarks on Fighting for Faith at Get Louder Symposium

Falkirk Center /

Conservative Clergy of Color comes to Liberty University


Lynchburg, VA – Bishop Aubrey Shines, chairman of Conservative Clergy of Color, delivered remarks today at the very first Get Louder Faith Summit at Liberty University’s Falkirk Center. The summit, which addressed the issues dividing our nation and how to fight for our country based on its founding Judeo-Christian values, feature a number of prolific Christian speakers including Gov. Mike Huckabee, Eric Metaxas, Pastor Rob McCoy, and Congressional candidate Kim Klacik.


“Our nation is facing the biggest social challenges it’s ever seen, but fortunately we have the Biblical values passed down by our forebears to navigate these waters of turmoil,” said Bishop Shines.


In addition to his remarks on America’s need to revisit its Christian roots, Bishop Shines spoke on the mission and work of Conservative Clergy of Color. While Black Lives Matter has spent the summer terrorizing America’s cities, Bishop Shines and his fellow ministers have been working tirelessly to set the record straight in America’s race conversation with Christ’s message of reconciliation and the peaceful resolution to the wounds of slavery and segregation.


“It was an honor to bring the message of Conservative Clergy of Color to Liberty. Our mission is simple; to counter the hateful actions of Black Lives Matter with the values of love only Christ can bring to us. We believe in dialogue and free speech, and we’re going to continue pushing our message to anyone willing to listen.”


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