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Allie Beth Stuckey: ‘If you want to change the country, influence what people think about God’

Bailey Duran /

Healing America begins with a proper understanding of God.


This was the message of “Relatable” host Allie Beth Stuckey at the Values Voter Summit 2020.


During her segment, Stuckey said that if we want to change our country, we need to “influence what people think about God.”


The outspoken Christian conservative began her speech by talking about how the Gen Z and Millennial generations are the “largest group of religious nones” in the country. In other words, these generations have the most people of any generation to say they are not religious or that they don’t believe in a greater being.


The Bible, which Stuckey described as the “pillar of American goodness and greatness,” is so far removed from our culture that young people “have transferred their hope and trust to elected and unelected government officials.”


“We all worship something,” she said. “We all trust in something. We all look to something to provide for us and care for us. We can look to God, we can look to ourselves, or we can look to the government.”


Stuckey pointed out that there appears to be a correlation to loss of trust in God and “growth of Godlessness” when the government is growing and rapidly becoming more and more powerful.


When the government is large and promises to provide for people’s everyday needs, even things the government shouldn’t have control over, people become irresponsibly reliant on the government as their provider and their hope. But the reality is that the government cannot fulfill these things. Only God can be the true Provider, and He is the only one who can give us hope and peace.


When we look to men to do things only God can do, we are going to be let down every single time.


“As governments grow, the belief in God wavers,” Stuckey said. “With this change comes the glorification of abortions, of assisted suicides, the dismantling of the family, corruption of children, the subverting of both scientific and moral truth, and the loss of inherent rights and liberty. It’s all connected.”


When we rely on government, we are standing on sinking sand. As believers, we need to be putting our hope and our trust in something that never wavers. We need to have “a firm foundation, and that only firm foundation is in the Creator,” Stuckey said.


While Christianity and its principles are vital to have in our governing system, Stuckey warns that Christianity isn’t “a means to our political ends.”


“Christianity, Christ Himself, is the end,” she said. “He is the prize, He is our King, our Ruler, our Prince of Peace. He is why we don’t trust in any politician or government body to save us because we already have a Savior in Him.”


Our political views should be heavily impacted by our theological views. “Politics are downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from theology, which means what we think about God shapes what we think about everything,” Stuckey added.


We should be concerned about the future of our country. Not just because of the current political climate, but because of the spiritual state of this country. The people who are currently lost and in need of someone greater are the future leaders of our country. So, if we want to truly make sure we are safeguarding this nation for generations far down the road, Stuckey said that “our primary order of business is not to change their politics but to shape their worldview by igniting their faith.”


“It is very difficult to convince someone of the goodness and importance of the inherent right of marriage in the family, of objective morality, of the dignity of all human life without first helping them understand that there’s a God who made and dictates these things,” Stuckey continued.


Toward the end of her speech, Stuckey quoted John Adams when he said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is holy and adequate to the government of any other.”


This Constitution was made on the foundation of the Bible and was made specifically for those who love Him and want to obey His commands. Those who don’t understand God will have trouble understanding the Constitution.


“That is precisely why we are seeing a movement to tear down American institutions and obliterate our founding documents,” Stuckey said. “Not just because the Constitution doesn’t fit in an amoral and irreligious people, but because amoral and irreligious people will reject the Constitution.”


“They will reject the idea that our rights come from God, they will reject the idea of personal responsibility and personal charity in favor of the god of government. If you want to change the country, influence what people think about God,” she continued.


In closing, Stuckey implored those listening to make sure they were reading and understanding God’s Word and telling those around them about the gospel. Furthermore, she urged them to make sure they were teaching their children about the Bible and how they were created by a loving God.


“It’s not too late to teach them what is true,” she finished. “You won’t regret that.”