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Under the NBA’s Selective Activism, Only Some Lives Matter


Living in a bubble is a well-known colloquialism connoting isolation and lack of perception. As we watch the NBA move the league into a legitimate bubble in Orlando, the phrase couldn’t be more appropriate.


Stoic players with no contact to the outside world wear jerseys emblazoned with “Black Lives Matter.” The court floor spells out the same words in gargantuan font. Everyone, from top NBA brass to well-noted players like Lebron James, attempts to send a clear message: slavery is terrible, racism is inexcusable, and every person should be treated equally. Make no mistake, this is nothing more than performance art and feigned activism.


Let’s start at the bottom – with their feet. See that elongated check mark? That’s the Nike Swoosh, and it’s more prevalent on NBA player bodies than a tattoo. The problem there is that Nike is the standard bearer for corporate human rights abuses, and their factories in China are one of the closest things that exist to slavery in the modern world.


It’s not hard to see why the lives of these tens of thousands of factory workers don’t matter. The reason is because our newly minted gaggle of social-justice-warrior athletes get paid to rock the Swoosh. But let’s be clear – to these BLM-t-Shirt-wearing “activists,” those workers’ lives absolutely, unequivocally do not matter.


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