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Trump awards $35 Million to help human trafficking victims


The Trump administration is granting $35 million to the DOJ in efforts to advance recovery efforts for victims of human trafficking.


The funds will be distributed from the DOJ to organizations that house and help rescued victims.


Ivanka Trump tweeted the news this morning:


“Today the @JusticeDept and I are announcing $35M to 73 organizations in 33 states to provide safe + stable housing to human trafficking survivors.


The coronavirus pandemic has made safe & supportive housing for survivors more important than ever.”



President Trump has been intentional in combating human trafficking, with his daughter, Ivanka Trump, as a lead influencer in this initiative.


“The administration has heard these concerns and is responding by awarding leading nonprofit organizations the necessary funding to ensure that survivors have a stable place to live,”


Ivanka Trump said in a statement.
Earlier this year President Trump said that human trafficking is “not talked about enough” and ordered the DOJ and DHS to research various ways they may take aggressive measures to combat it.


Today, Trump is taking practical steps to combat the slavery industry by providing resources to his agencies who will be the Federal Government’s first lines of offense towards the injustice.


Ivanka described how her father has been a cornerstone in advancing the opportunities for justice to be pursued.


“From funding for prevention education programs, to enhanced intelligence-level coordination, to fighting child pornography, to a new full-time position within his White House’s Domestic Policy Council, the president is using all tools at his disposal to ensure that the end of modern-day slavery becomes a reality.”


The $35 million grant is identified as the “Housing Assistance Grants for Victims of Human Trafficking” and will be managed by the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs for the Office for Victim’s of Crime.