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Kamala Harris’ authoritarian principles and inconsistencies are a threat to all Americans

James Black /

On Tuesday, Aug. 11, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, chose Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Harris was originally a contender for the Democratic presidential ticket before dropping out in December 2019.


While Harris was considered the safe and predictable choice by many political insiders, both her record and ideological beliefs reveal a candidate who will be repulsive to both conservatives and progressives.


In a Democratic presidential debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) exposed Kamala Harris’ inconsistency on criminal justice reform, citing her aggressive prosecutions of drug offenses while serving as California’s Attorney General, a view that laxed when she became a senator. Not only are many progressives concerned with Harris’ record on drug prosecutions, but conservatives also have reasons to be concerned with her.


Earlier this year, Senator Harris voted against protection for unborn human beings who are capable of feeling pain, and also voted against the Born Alive Survivors Protection Act, which would have provided protection for babies who survive botched abortion procedures.


Harris also attempted, along with others in the Democratic senators,  derail the nomination of now-Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh over charges that ultimately were not validated by an FBI investigation.


Harris also aligned herself with Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Plan, which would universally raise taxes for all Americans and further damage the health care system through socialized medicine.


The common thread between Harris’ ability to turn off both conservatives and progressives is her authoritarian practice and her habit of shifting on any issue she thinks will bring her political gain.


Harris stated only a few months earlier during her presidential campaign that she “believed” Joe Biden’s accusers, but now that she is his running mate, Harris is seemingly unconcerned with that position.


The #MeToo issue is not the only issue Harris has changed her position on, as she gave a famously inconsistent series of answers regarding her position on healthcare, which was criticized by several of her rivals.


Biden has often described himself as a “transitional candidate,” and it is clear that he needs to take a cognitive ability test. No matter how the his campaign may try and spin Biden’s mental issues, it is  likely he will serve only one term if elected, which would set Harris up to be his successor. It is easy to conclude that she intends to use the presidency as an outlet to promote ultra-progressive, authoritarian policies that would be dangerous for America.


In short, the policy that would come from a Biden-Harris presidency, as well as a potential Kamala Harris presidency, would be disastrous for all Americans.


Inconsistency on issues that Americans on both sides of the political aisle care about, from healthcare to criminal justice reform, as well as taxpayer funding of abortion up to the point of birth and higher taxes, are policies that conservatives, independents, and even a contingent of progressives can be united in pushing back against.


As Sen. Rand Paul once said during the GOP presidential debates, “a lot of what the American people don’t like about politics is hypocrisy, people who have one standard for others and not for themselves.”


Harris’ authoritarian positions and inconsistency show this double standard, and the American people are not oblivious to that reality.