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Pro-Life Activist Talks Woman Out Of Abortion, Now She’s Hosting Her Baby Shower


A mother who almost aborted her child is now having her baby shower thrown by the very pro-life activists who convinced her to save her child.


The mother, who will remain anonymous, will be giving birth to a boy.


Elizabeth Johnston, known as “The Activist Mommy,” was ministering outside Preferred Woman’s Health Center in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 18th when one mother was touched by Johnston’s message.


The routine protests are a ministerial means of evangelism and, as Johnston says, a way to tell all mothers at the clinic that they are loved and valued by God, as are their children:


“I met her on her way into the abortion clinic and by the grace of God, we convinced her to keep her baby. Praise the Lord! We are holding a baby shower for this mommy, so she and her child know beyond a doubt that they are truly loved and supported.”


A live-streamed video shows how hostile the opposition was on July 18th. Still, righteousness prevailed and a life was saved.


Johnston, her family, and many of her friends routinely minister outside of PWHC, which is among the busiest abortion clinics in the state.


Their ministry consists of worship music, the gospel message, and free non-abortive medical advice and medical treatment for women who wish to seek an alternative to abortion. Johnston’s Facebook page boasts nearly 900,000 followers who watch her live streaming at the abortion clinic every week.


“This baby is alive because we were standing outside the abortion clinic praying and offering help!”


fundraiser has been established to help pay for the baby shower and other pro-life ministries of Johnston and her team.