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Prayerful SD Governor on Pandemic: “We Gave People Their Freedom…and We’re Seeing the Benefits.”


South Dakota never closed down during the pandemic, and the freedom sustained for its citizens seems to be bearing positive results.

Republican Governor Kristy Noem noted on Fox and Friends that the state is seeing a decline in virus cases and, unlike most other states, defended its citizens’ freedom throughout the pandemic season.


Noem faced fierce criticism dearly the earlier stages of the quarantine season for keeping businesses open while encouraging her constituents to take personal responsibility for their health and the health of others.


“I think what we did here in South Dakota is really remarkable because we gave people their freedom,” she said. “We let the businesses stay open, we let people go to work, we told them to be smart, and we also asked them to be personally responsible. And, we’re seeing benefits of that each and every day in South Dakota.”


“We did, in fact, we according to the national experts, did everything wrong…We did what the people on the ground saw. We aggressively addressed those situations and came out better for it.”


Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy asked Noem if she had any advice for fellow state executives:


“Trust your people. Don’t lay down mandates that are going to hinder the ability that they need to really get through this difficult time…Trust them, give them the facts, let them make decisions that are right for their families,”


Noem is a devout Christian who publicly shares her commitment to her faith. During her inauguration, Noem credited God for appointing her and told her audience how encouraging it is when they say that they’re praying for her.


“It is a great privilege and a solemn honor to serve as this state’s chief executive. It is one that do not take lightly because I believe that, as the Old Testament book of Daniel states, it is our God in heaven that puts leaders into place and it is He that removes them. As an elected leader, one of the most encouraging things that a citizen can do is to come up and say, “I’m praying for you.” Each and every time, I am encouraged and strengthened by those comments. So from this podium, on my first day in this high office, I ask for your prayers. Keep praying.”