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The Christian Response To Police Brutality

Brittany Slaughter /

I back the blue, even though some are corrupt because so many are noble and hard at work to protect those around them.


I support teachers, even though some are sub-par because they don’t represent them all. I stand with doctors who help us when we fall sick — some practice bad medicine, some stand for things I don’t, but not all.


As I scroll through social media, I see post after post about defunding the police, why “black lives matter,” and why we should back the movement and support removing police from schools and communities.


I see posts by people angry and hurt about what happened and who are scared for their African American friends and family members, and I get it. They post about the problem with America being racist and to some degree they are right; there is a problem in America. However, the main issue is not a race problem but an ignorance problem.


Many people say religion and politics shouldn’t mix, but I have to disagree. My conservative values are based on my Christian beliefs, thus I vote conservative so my Christian values are exercised.


I have always, and will always, respect law enforcement. Brave men and women put their lives on the line daily, not knowing what the day will hold, to keep us safe. They know they may not make it home at the end of the day, but they do it anyway.


They are willing to lay down their life for me, but someone else already has. Jesus gave his life for mine, so I can have hope and spend eternity with Him. As Christians, we are to live our lives based on how Jesus lived and how he tells us to live in the Bible.


As I have viewed recent events, I have carefully considered how I should respond as not just a conservative but as a Christian. The answer I have found is to respond with truth and grace.


I will never back down from the truth. I will stand up for it when it is unpopular and even when it becomes dangerous. However, Jesus gives me grace daily and that’s what Christians need to bestow to the world.


The police officer who murdered George Floyd deserves imprisonment. There is no denying that. The officers who looked on without stepping in also deserve punishment. Floyd deserves justice. Thousands of police officers nationwide, however, should not be attacked for the mistakes of a few.


As a journalist, I get angry when people attack the media as a whole. I have seen judgment cross peoples’ faces when I tell them I am a journalist, and the mainstream media immediately crosses their minds.


While some journalists are dishonest and conduct bad reporting, not all are that way. The same is true for any profession. A few bad apples does not mean you have to chop down the entire orchard.


How often do we get angry at doctors who are negligent in surgery? Do we attack all medical professionals and burn down buildings because one doctor made a mistake? Of course not. Use this scenario in any profession and consider what the world would be like if we attacked one another every time someone did something wrong.


Teachers would be vilified, and schools burned down. CEOs would lose their companies. Doctors and hospitals would be defunded. The world would crumble, and violence would overtake us.


Police represent justice and safety. In today’s fragile world, one would hope and think that people would cling to the promise of safety and protection. Instead, one instance of brutality sends the country spiraling out of control.


Because of one wrong action, protests meant to “promote peace” turned violent. Actions that are reminiscent of “The Purge” have become the new normal in some cities. People claim to love and seek justice, but they seem to only want destruction.


In an effort to show support for the black community, Christians rushed to post black squares on Instagram, take pictures with their fist in the air, and attend the closest protest and march. But believers, is this helping the cause? The answer is no.


When I see fellow Christians posting #blacklivesmatter, it honestly saddens me. Yes, black lives do matter, but so do people of every color. The organization stands for defunding the police, violence, and hatred. This is not what Jesus is about.


Christians, it’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to want a change, but attacking innocents by using Bible verses out of context and tweeting support for movements that support evil, is not the way to help.


If you want to make a difference, do your research, show love, and support your local police.