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Brat Pac Ep. 5 with Justin Danhof: How Asset Management Firms are Driving Corporate America Left

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Justin Danhoff is the General Counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research and the Director of the Center’s Free Enterprise Project. The Free Enterprise Project is the shareholder activist for the conservative movement. The left has 80-100 groups that are operating to move corporate America to the cultural left.


Blackrock and its CEO, Larry Fink, among others, are supporting liberal ESG (Environment/Social/Governance) initiatives demanding companies align their policies with the Paris Climate Accord and investing in China with a far worse ESG record.


Everyone thinks about political elections in November and how they shape our nation and future. However, votes on corporate proxy statements have just as much ability if not more to change the culture. You don’t have to change the laws to change culture.


If you can change the way corporations operate, you’ve already succeeded. If you can get 10 leading firms in any industry to go along with liberal goals, the rest will follow. It’s way faster than the legal process and more effective.