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The Hypocrisy of the #MeToo Movement Regarding Tara Reade’s Accusations


Since the recent sexual assault allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, many in the media avoided speaking out against Biden until MSNBC reporter Chris Hayes spoke out about Tara Reade’s account.


Hayes, an avid Trump critic, trended on Twitter with #FireHayes and many on the Left called for his removal from television due to his criticism of Biden’s handling of the allegations.


As many on the left rallied to “cancel” Hayes, the overall mentality of hypocrisy resonated with the “believe all women” #MeToo movement.


With the growing support of modern feminism for Biden, the left went against their own policy of believing all victims of sexual assault to “cancel” the first mainstream media reporter to speak up for the victim.


No matter your view of Biden, victims should not be silenced. As many on the left protested against the Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment due to Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against him, their hypocrisy regarding Tara Reade’s account shows their “cancel culture” is based on partisanship.


Hayes even explained that, even if the allegations are deemed inaccurate, the evidence must be evaluated through examining Delaware senatorial records and speaking with friends of Reade.


The #MeToo movement focuses directly on trying to advocate for these victims of sexual assault through protests and activism. However, many of the movement’s leaders and supporters continued to stand behind Biden as they turned their backs on the victim, Tara Reade.


While the accusations against the former vice president have not yet been evaluated, Reade, the victim of this alleged assault, should receive the same treatment Blasey Ford received.


The hypocrisy of believing all women who go against conservatives, while silencing all women who make claims against liberals, shows that many on the left focus solely on the partisanship of the accusations.


“Cancel culture” is what destroys the claims from Reade as the left devalues her accusations in order to promote Biden in his campaign for the presidency.


In order to evaluate Reade’s claim regarding the 1993 sexual assault when she served as a Capitol Hill staffer, those on the left need to avoid the “cancel culture” of Chris Hayes for speaking out about Biden’s assault claims, as it devalues the claims of many victims of sexual assault by those in authority.


Rather than dismissing all the claims before all the evidence is there, the necessity of gathering all of the evidence regarding Biden’s assault claim during his time as a senator will allow more victims to come out about their trauma and let the American public know the truth of the alleged assault.


The hypocrisy of those who claim they want to see justice for the female victims of sex crimes while silencing those who have come out as a victim degrades those who have been sexually assaulted. Is it not time that we “let all women be heard,” despite the partisan nature of the sexual assault claims?