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Ryan Fournier: Unmasking blind faith

Ryan Fournier /

All across the country, the COVID-19 crisis has, in many ways, exposed mini-tyrants at various levels of government. From Michigan Governor Whitmer and California Gavin Newsom all the way to the Greenville, Mississippi mayor who had churchgoers fined $500 for sitting in their cars in the parking lot. Both husband and wife ticketed while sitting together in their car, doors closed, windows up, listening to the radio—this is not outside of CDC recommendations. And how is this any more dangerous than going into a Walmart and waiting in line?


And even within Michigan stores deemed essential, American flags are being taped off from purchase, along with bug spray, vegetable seeds, and clothing. People cannot buy items they grow a garden to feed themselves. Government overreach is getting out of hand, and people are starting to wake up.


In response to these dictatorial actions, protests are rising up across the country. It is imperative that, in the midst of these difficult times, Americans must work tirelessly to protect and defend our Constitutional rights and our freedoms. We cannot cede them to these would-be tyrants claiming they’re trying to “protect” us, while also trampling on these rights. There has to be a balance of rights and responsibilities—but this is not the case in many places.


This week, we’re seeing many Republican governors across the country, including GA, SC, and TN, planning to open up businesses as early as May 1. Their logic is clear and understandable, as this way of life is not sustainable. Keeping small businesses closed, not being able to go out to a movie theater or even a park—it cannot be endured, either for the economy’s health or for the wellbeing of individuals.


These gubernatorial actions are commendable. And it’s important to note that these leaders are not telling citizens to leave their homes en masse to hit restaurants and shops. They are advocating caution, including continuing to wear masks and keeping vulnerable groups separated. It is definitely a step in the right direction, because we cannot be in the current standstill but for so long.


Assessing China

The tide is turning. There is more media and public agreement daily that COVID-19 originate in China, despite any lingering labels of racism. The virus did not come from a market, but a lab. And it’s now clear that China even used the World Health Organization (WHO) to mitigate how serious and lethal the virus was.


America must take action. We have to reevaluate our relationship with China and the organizations we are putting money into that support china—the WHO, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the United Nations. (UN) Ironically, the UN now wants to put China on their Human Rights Council. But China has committed countless human rights abuses in the last 30 days alone. America has to cut our funding to these organizations.


Moreover, our government must figure out how we can hold China accountable too. China used propaganda through WHO to push their false narrative, including the initial message that the virus did not pass between humans. They didn’t allow us to go in and collect viral samples to help create a vaccine. They blamed the Italian military and then blamed our military when that didn’t work. The list of issues goes on and on.


Finally, Americans need to boycott China-made products to the best of our ability. For example, 85% of our pharmaceuticals are manufactured in China—this has got to change. Our citizens and government have to support American-made goods. We have to step back up and protect ourselves, reducing the reliance on other countries for our critical goods.


Many Americans have been lulled into a blind stupor by the continuous barrage of media finger-wagging on what constitutes “staying safe” in this crisis. Although you can leave your facemask on, it’s time to tear away the blindfold and stand up for your Constitutional rights.