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Another Evangelical Case for Trump? It’s time for solidarity.

Ryan Helfenbein /

Originally published April 22, 2020 on Breitbart:


Evangelical support for President Donald J. Trump is the strongest it has ever been – even bringing into the cause evangelicals who aligned with the “Never Trump” faction four years ago.


Much has changed since 2016. In just a few short years, the United States has seen a significant remaking of the federal judiciary, a surging economy (before COVID-19), and the continued reshaping of the Republican and Democratic parties along demographic and ideological divides.


On Tuesday night, Dr. Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary made national headlines by stating in clear terms that he will support the 2020 re-election of President Donald J. Trump. The comments were made during a livestream of the biannual conference, Together for the Gospel.


Mohler explained his position reflected his “final calculation” of response to the outrageous stances of the left: their antagonism to Biblical Christianity, support for the transgender revolution, limitless abortion advocacy, and view of the role and purpose of government.


Mohler acknowledged that he has learned much from the aftermath of the 2016 election, which presented him the most difficult electoral choice in his lifetime. But the general election is not the appropriate opportunity to “choose the candidate.” Instead, it is “the opportunity to elect one of these two candidates presented to me.” In his words: “We are basically in a situation where it’s almost like voting in a parliamentary system” – “it comes down to the position articulated by the party” rather than candidate alone.


The most significant moment from the Q&A came when Dr. Mohler said President Trump “has been more consistent [of any President] on pro-life decisions.” He said the President has “been more consistent than any Republican, certainly in the quality of appointments he’s made to the federal judiciary, which will far outlive any presidency.”


While that endorsement signals a major shift within the Southern Baptist Convention of an executive head at the largest theological seminary, Dr. Mohler joins other evangelical leaders who have already voiced their support of the President, including Franklin Graham, Ronnie Floyd, and Eric Metaxas – to name only a few.


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